Common Questions

Below is a simple FAQ with answers to the most commonly-asked questions relating to our site and services. We also have a Terms and Conditions page containing all the usual small print, which you can find here: Terms and Conditions

In a word, no. We are not the authors or developers of the themes and plugins which we share with subscribers, nor are we connected with them.

We pay for themes and plugins and then (hopefully) recover that money through selling download subscriptions! Obviously, we need a fairly large number of subscribers before we make a profit, but in the meantime members benefit even if we don’t! In many cases, we also use the themes and plugins on our own sites.

No, they are not. The files made available for download are exactly the same files as are provided by the developers or authors, without any changes. This is not a ‘warez’ site giving away infected software but a commercial site, and altering products would be a pretty poor business plan…

No, they don’t. A licence key provided by an author or developer allows you to access support and automatic updates for a specific period, typically 6 or 12 months. License keys are used to regulate this system and to ensure that you can’t get support or automatic updates beyond that paid-for period. We are not authorised to redistribute license keys with our downloads.

How does this affect members?

Because you don’t have a licence key to register it means that if you see that a plugin has been updated and a new version is available, you will need to log in to your account on GPLVaults, download the item and manually install it on your server. It will take you about 2-3 minutes. It also means that you cannot register for product support from the developer.

If you want a license key so that you qualify for the limited-period support and automatic updates which the license would provide you with, you should buy your plugin or theme directly from the developer.

No, we don’t.  As mentioned elsewhere, we are not the authors or developers of the WordPress plugins and themes we share with our members and are unable to offer such support. This site is aimed at users who are capable of setting up themes and plugins without support, or who are happy to look for answers to their questions on Google.

We currently offer different subscription packages depending on what you are interested in. Our ‘All Access’ subscription has monthly, six-monthly and annual options, our ‘All themes’ and ‘All plugins’ options have monthly or annual options, and our plugin bundles all include annual subscriptions.

WordPress themes and plugins should always be kept up to date, and for this reason our site is focussed on offering best value to users who opt for 12-month subscriptions.

Updates are made available as soon as we have them. We check for updates on a regular basis, usually 2-3 times a week, and update files in the download library immediately. Checking in excess of 1500 items for updates is an extremely time-consuming activity so we don’t pretend to do it every day.

Plugins and themes downloaded from GPLVaults do not include license keys. Some themes and plugins generate little ‘nag’ messages to remind users to insert their license keys in order to activate automatic updates, but they can be safely ignored. If it really bothers you, these messages can usually be disabled with a little code.

You can cancel your subscription/membership on your ‘My Account’ page after you log in.  Just find your subscription and click the ‘Cancel’ button. Your subscription will then end automatically once your paid period expires.

No, you can’t. We do not offer refunds for subscriptions. Membership subscriptions entitle you to access the website and immediate access to downloadable digital products and not for returnable goods.

Not at present, but we will be adding one in due course.

In a word, no. All the themes and plugins we share with members are original GPL licensed items, untouched by us. In any event, there is nothing to ‘null’ or ‘crack’ in genuine GPL products! That’s part of the point of GPL licenses.

If someone describes a piece of software as being ‘nulled’ they mean that they have removed security coding which would prevent it from working. However, WordPress themes and the vast majority of plugins don’t contain this type of code in the first place,  so can’t be ‘nulled’.  ‘Nulled’products are generally used as bait by hackers, targeting naive web newcomers who don’t know better.

We have seen this with 3 products over the past year or so, where a downloaded zip file can’t be opened on a desktop pc with winzip and is flagged as defective. However, they can be opened without any problem by WinRar. We assume it is related to how the author packages the product in the first place. Regardless, they open without issue when installed through WordPress or via cpanel.

Quite simply, if you take out a subscription membership, you’ll be able to download any of the premium WordPress themes and plugins that we share with our members for the duration of your subscription. The cost for an annual ‘All Access’ membership is $65 a year. We don’t offer any form of support and you cannot take advantage of automated updates.

If you buy themes and plugins from their authors or developers they will give you support for a limited time period and allow you to update your theme or plugin with a one-click update process. Obviously, you’ll pay full price for the theme and will need to pay to renew support and keep using automated updates after your initial 6-12 month period.

Now multiply this cost by the number of themes and plugins you are likely to want to use over the next 12 months. The cost of a single premium theme from Themeforest is about the same as a year’s subscription to our site.

It’s really just a question of how much you want to spend buying themes and plugins, and your confidence to use them without author support.

Troubleshooting FAQ

Below is a simple FAQ with answers to the most commonly-asked questions from members, relating to logging in, finding downloads and pricing.

Click the log in link at the top of every page, or click ‘My Account’ in the main navigation menu while logged out. Enter your username and password, then in the bottom box, type the text shown, exactly as displayed. It is case-sensitive. Anything else will prevent you logging in. If you enter an incorrect password or fail to enter the captcha text enough times, your IP will be blocked by our security measures. If this happens to you, please email us, using the email account you registered with and quoting your username and address details so that we can unblock you.

First, please log in using your username and password. You should be taken to your ‘My Account‘ page. Whatever files you are entitled to download will be reachable from here.

‘All Access’, ‘All Plugins’ and ‘All Themes’ members should click ‘Memberships‘ on the left side of the ‘My Account’ menu. That will open a small menu showing which membership you have. You will see one or both of ‘Plugins’ or ‘Themes’ displayed, and a button marked ‘View‘ for each option. Click ‘view to reach the download library’.

If you chose a subscription for one of our plugin collections, click ‘Downloads‘ in your ‘My Account’ menu and your available files will be displayed for download. In most cases these will be single-download zip files which contain individual zips for each plugin.

If you can’t find a file, we always recommend searching the downloads pages using ‘control + f’ just in case the file has been recategorised and put in a different section. However, we also reserve the right to add or remove themes or plugins from our downloads library as we see fit. We usually remove items when they are no longer maintained or are simply not popular enough to justify maintaining in our lists, as they can cause problems.

Every download link is time-limited, meaning they are only valid for a certain period of time. If you click an expired link you will see a message saying the link does not exist. Go back to the downloads page, refresh it and try again. If you still get an error and are definitely logged in (please check), email us using the ‘report a problem’ email link and we will look into it for you.

Due to the volume of spam emails we have received in the past few years we no longer offer a contact form or email address for non-members to contact us. Finding one genuine email amongst 100 spam emails was never going to work, so we gave up. If you are a member, you will see a link to a contact form in the top menu, and also a ‘report a problem’ form if you are having issues downloading a specific file (for example).