The Small Print

Terms and Conditions of use (‘GPLVaults’ or ‘the website’) shares software in the form of WordPress themes and plugins with registered members subject to the following Terms and Conditions, with particular reference to our ‘reasonable use’ terms, as defined below. In registering and paying for a subscription membership of the website you are accepting our terms and conditions and if you do not agree with our terms you should not use this website.

General Information

The WordPress themes and plugins which are made available to members on are developed by third parties (developers and authors) with whom this website has no association. All themes and plugins made available by GPLVaults are made available under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Product names, developer/author names, expressions and trademarks of third parties are used only to the extent necessary to accurately identify products in accordance with standard fair use doctrine.

Software developers do not guarantee the functionality of their products nor the absence of bugs or defects, or that they will continue to support their products. As non-developers, GPLVaults cannot guarantee the functionality of downloads, nor guarantee they are free of defects or bugs, that the developers will provide timely updates in the case of need or indeed that the developers will continue to develop and make available their product. GPLVaults cannot be held liable in any way for any damage caused by installing downloads.

As non-developers, GPLVaults do not provide support for downloads – users who require support are advised to purchase their plugins or themes directly from their developer or author.

Reasonable Use

This website exists to help ‘real users’ to reduce the costs of using WordPress and continued membership of our website is dependent upon ‘reasonable use’ levels. Continued membership is open to ‘real users’ and our definition of ‘real users’ is someone who is downloading themes and plugins for their own use. From usage patterns we know that the average real-world user downloads around 30 different items over the course of a year in the form of themes and plugins. We appreciate that some users will download larger numbers of items, and we make allowances for this, but no real user has a need to download hundreds of themes and plugins. As a website design group we use less than 50 items from our own libraries in order to build and maintain a total of around 40 of our own sites and just over a hundred on behalf of clients and friends. We additionally test a variety of themes and plugins from time to time. We track all user access and user downloads on this website and where members are found to be abusing our website and using unreasonable amounts of bandwidth through excessive downloads, we reserve the right to immediately terminate membership and site access. In simple terms; if you don’t need a theme or plugin, don’t download it just because you can as this is an abuse of our facilities. Users who do not comply with our definition of ‘real users’ will be given one warning which will be emailed to the email address given at the time of registration and any further abuse of our facilities will result in the membership and site access being terminated immediately, without any form of refund.

Use of Membership Accounts

An account will be created for members automatically when a subscription package is chosen and paid for. Members are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their username and password and are not permitted to give or share account login details with any third party. Members must advise GPLVaults immediately of any unauthorized use of their account or any other breach or potential breach of security. Security software is used to track member logins and prevent data breaches. This software records each user login, device and IP details. In the case of simultaneous logins (two or more different logins on the same account at the same time) the software will automatically suspend the user account so that we can verify if a security breach has occurred. In the event that a user has shared account login details with another person, that user account will be terminated immediately.

Account Security

Each membership subscription grants single access to the subscribing member and cannot be shared with other parties. All member logins are all recorded for security purposes and where it is seen that member accounts are being accessed by multiple individuals GPLVaults reserve the right to suspend (access blocked) or terminate an account without notice or refund at its sole and absolute discretion.


The use of page or website downloaders which can automatically download page contents is strictly forbidden. All logged-in page use and downloads are logged internally and any use of such programs will result in immediate account closure.

Subscription Payments

All purchases made on GPLVaults will be completed using the Stripe payment processing system. Payments will show as sent to “GPLVaults” on your payment statement. Payment details are not taken or held by this website in any way, for your security.

Subscription Renewal

All subscriptions are set as automatically recurring upon purchase for the period specified by the member. Users can prevent subscriptions from automatically renewing, by cancelling the subscription in their ‘My Account’ page. Cancelling a subscription will not affect current memberships but will cancel all renewal payments and cause the membership to be terminated at the end of the current paid period.

Trial Periods, etc.

Subscription fees are paid for site memberships and for access to download libraries which allows registered members to download WordPress themes and plugins. There is no “trial” or “grace period” for subscriptions.


We do not offer refunds for subscription payments or payments for downloadable products. All payments to this website are for site membership and access to downloadable digital products, not returnable products.

Access and Availability

Subscription to GPLVaults and payment of a subscription fee enables members to access the private download area of the website and download any of the WordPress themes and plugins which are listed in the depository at that time. Membership subscriptions are not linked to specific products, nor the availability, usage or performance of any specific product. GPLVaults cannot guarantee that developers/authors will continue to make their theme or plugin available or that they will continue to provide updates. As such, GPLVaults reserve the right to add or remove items from the lists of shared items at its sole discretion.


Developers and authors typically release periodic updates to fix bugs and/or add/modify features. GPLVaults will make such updates available as soon as is practical when they are released. Typically, this will mean within 2-3 days, with exceptions during holidays and busy periods.

License Keys

Many premium WordPress plugins and themes are supplied by authors with ‘license keys’. These keys are codes which, when entered in the theme or plugin admin area, enable automatic updates and, in some cases, product support. GPLVaults is not authorised to redistribute these license keys with plugin and theme downloads, which means that automatic plugin or theme updates are not possible and updates must be performed manually and the theme or plugin does not qualify for developer/author support.

Product Use

The WordPress plugins and themes shared with members by GPLVaults are licensed under the GNU General Public License and have no restrictions on the number or types of websites they are used on. You are free to use the files for any purpose. The only requirements are that any subsequent use maintains the GPL and that the terms of the license are complied with.

Account Termination and Suspension

In the case of abuse, GPLVaults reserve the right to terminate memberships without prior notice. Examples of abuse include but are not limited to;
(a) Sharing membership details (login and password) with other parties (b) Abusive, threatening or intimidatory language or behaviour towards the site or its representatives  (c) Attempting to use download bots/spiders/scrapers of any sort against GPLVaults  (d) Attempting to hack, spam or undertake any other harmful behaviour against the website (e) Breach of other rules mentioned elsewhere in this document.

Business users

If you are using our services on behalf of a business, that business accepts our terms and conditions. It will hold harmless and indemnify GPLVaults, its officers, agents, and employees from any claim, suit or action arising from or related to the use of downloaded products, including any liability or expense arising from claims, losses, damages, suits, judgments, litigation costs and attorneys’ fees.

Product Warranty

GPLVaults does not provide any warranty. Neither GPLVaults nor the suppliers or distributors of themes and plugins made available on this site make any specific promises about goods or services. All services and products provided, supplied or accessible to members are provided ‘as is’.

Price Changes reserve the right to modify membership prices with or without prior notice.

Refusal of Service

GPLVaults reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason, within their legal rights, and to terminate with immediate effect and without warning the membership of any member who breaches our terms in any way.