Why buy from GPLVaults?

If you’ve been looking at the cost of creating anything more than a simple WordPress site, you already know the answer. Buying your themes and plugins from GPLVaults can save you hundreds of dollars.

WordPress was created to be free for all its users and yet, like so many things in life, creating website with WordPress seems to get more expensive every year. A Premium WordPress theme can set you back $40-$80, and you can easily spend several hundred dollars on premium WordPress plugins. Setting up an online shop can easily see you paying $500-$1000 for the necessary plugins. That would be fine, if we all had plenty of money and if the products were bug-free with lifetime support, but none of that is true.

Not so long ago, when you bought a WordPress theme from ThemeForest, one of the biggest sellers of premium themes, your purchase price included one year’s support from the theme authors. That was changed in 2015 and support was reduced from a year to just 6 months. To get continued support, you need to pay for it. That probably suits theme developers, but it’s not such a hot deal for normal buyers.

WordPress and GPL

GPL Vaults

So, we created GPLVaults. We offer subscribing members unfettered access to the premium WordPress themes and plugins in our download libraries. The most expensive subscription package is our ‘All Access‘ package which, for $95 a year gives access to well over 1400 premium WordPress plugins and themes. We only provide downloads; we don’t offer any kind of support or help setting up themes or plugins.

In simple terms, we pay for themes and plugins, and resell them without support. And it really is that simple. We can do this because all the themes and plugins in our download libraries are supplied with GPL licences.

Obviously, theme and plugin authors and developers don’t like us doing this because if you buy from us, you’re unlikely to pay them each year for ongoing support and automatic updates, so don’t expect them to recommend this site!

The themes and plugins in our download library are regularly updated. To check on theme or plugin version numbers, just click on the ‘Themes’ or ‘Plugins’ menu. If you find one that doesn’t show the latest version number feel free to drop us a line; we’ve probably just forgotten to adjust the version number to the page, but if we’ve missed an update we’ll fix it immediately.

Don’t buy from us if you need support!

If you are not confident of being able to set up a theme or plugin without support, you should buy the items directly from the authors. Most authors provide either 6 or 12 month’s support for new purchases. We are not the authors of any of the themes or plugins we share with members, nor are we associated with them or their companies. We simply allow subscribing members to access these products as downloads.